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This competition could decrease the value of Bitcoins very quickly.An owner of bitcoins should also know the inherent risks involved in holding the digital asset as an investment.

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Based on a few key metrics, we maintain that Bitcoin is currently somewhat riskier than existing financial systems for the average user.In 2009, the first Bitcoin specification and proof of concept was published in a. and since then the value of Bitcoin has slowly climbed once again.

Since 2009, Bitcoin has made a long road and has overcome many obstacles on its journey.

Since cryptocurrencies are still in the early stages, there is no proper governance.Over time, we have mitigated risk in current financial systems through a combination of oversight and technical innovation.Solo miners can obtain rewards on the order of days rather than years (and meanwhile we achieve almost comparable transaction throughput and confirmation time as Bitcoin).But for now, Bitcoin is not safe by any means, but then again, neither was the U.S. Dollar when it was first introduced.For the ordinary person in a country like the United States, where there is a stable banking system and many investment alternatives, bitcoin as an investment is a risky proposition.And there are other cryptocurrencies being developed that may supplant it.The value of a bitcoin will probably not change very much in that short period of time.Credit card numbers being stolen and used illicitly has become a fact of life, with the cost of insuring against those types of losses being passed on the merchants.

A third of all Bitcoin exchanges have been hacked since 2009

A third of all Bitcoin exchanges have been hacked since 2009.

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Each of these dangers merits an article of its own, but here I will focus on a more subtle danger.

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As bitcoin becomes more widespread it might come under more pragmatic and powerful attacks from big players.

Bitcoin appeals to those who see the electronic tokens as embodying the future of money -- digital.Governments and central banks around the world are still trying to understand what regulations should be in place to protect consumers.

I worry, at once, that it may become ungovernable and unable to enact some of the much needed changes, and that it may become captured by commercial interests that tug it in directions that serve a particular class of users and use cases at the expense of others.Given the relatively scarce supply of Murrays, individuals can bid up the price of each unit of Murray to their hearts content.

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Governments will want to crack down on this by increasing regulations, even going as far as making its use illegal.Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University, and Adjunct Professor at University of Maryland.This enables bitcoin to provide verifiable transactions, secure against double spending attack.

We have all seen currency being devalued overnight even if there is a government standing behind it.

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A great tool for anyone who wants to learn to trade the financial markets.Further, these declines are often sudden due to limited liquidity.Very rapid fluctuations in value are still the norm, making Bitcoin a very risky investment if used for speculation.In this way they are like owning cash, if lost, stolen or destroyed you are out the money.

Yes, bitcoin is safe, if you use it appropriately as a medium of exchange.Does the user know much about intermediaries they need to make an investment, use Bitcoin in lieu of a bank-based cross-border funds transfer or remittance payment, or as a medium of payment for goods or services.Thus, Fruitchains disincentivizes miners from deviating from the honest protocol, thus reinforcing an equilibrium state where everyone is incentivized to behave honestly seeing that most other users are.Because of its limited supply, the value of Bitcoin is destined to increase relative to the overall economic activity.Thefts are quite common in Bitcoin, and due to the pseudonymity and irreversibility of Bitcoin transactions, it is not generally possible to recover stolen funds.A virtual currency allows for peer-to-peer payments over the internet that can be exchanged without a third party -- meaning lower transaction costs and greater efficiency.

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Gox), the underlying technology behind bitcoin has yet to be compromised.

Bitcoins are digital objects protected by a digital signature which states who owns a particular Bitcoin.Bitcoin as an Investment: Opportunities and Risks. that since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009,. effects on the price of bitcoin and should not.