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Iceland is all set to launch an altcoin for the Native Americans named Mazacoin which when launched would accolade the Country as the first to possess its own a.In late March 2014 a pseudonym character called Baldur Friggjar Odinsson gave every Icelander the chance to claim almost.

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Icelanders are getting a free wad of virtual cash from a cryptocurrency.

In the face of economic ruin while tied to fiat currency, Iceland has opted to dole out crypto-currency to its citizens, in a bid to reinvigorate the economy.

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The cryptocurrency craze spun into a new realm of ridiculous with Kanyecoin, Dogecoin, Ron Paul Coin and the bounty of other clone-coins that sprung up to.

Iceland and Bitcoin: A Cryptocurrency Cascade

Auroracoin, a cryptocurrency was born in 2014 amid a background of a struggling economy and lingering financial chaos which shook Iceland back in 2008.Auroracoin: Iceland Gets Its Own Cryptocurrency Just recently, nations have been obtaining their own cryptocurrencies.

The nation of Iceland became a poster child of rebellion against a global banking system that led to the. to now the advent of crypto-currency in the digital.Recently, nations have been getting their own cryptocurrencies.

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With the emergence of advanced digital payment technologies,.

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The cryptocurrency craze spun into a new realm of ridiculous with Kanyecoin, Dogecoin, Ron Paul Coin and.

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A team of Icelandic cryptocurrency enthusiasts is gearing up to launch an altcoin designed specifically for the population of Iceland.

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Transacting with any type of decentralized cryptocurrency can get you up to 12.Iceland national bank and government create a cryptocurrency to solve financial problems.

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This prevents Icelanders from openly participating in global profession.Auroracoin: Iceland Obtains Its Own Cryptocurrency Just recently, nations have been getting their very own cryptocurrencies.

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HIVE Blockchain Completes Acquisition of Data Centre in Iceland and Forms Strategic Partnership with.

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